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Project Wrangler Pride
Project Wrangler Pride
UPDATE ON PROJECT WRANGLER PRIDE Project is almost complete-see pictures for progress       Banners The Wrangler Athletic Boosters Club and [...]
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Swim 2016-2017 Schedule
First meet @ Prescott 9/1/16 – 4pm 2016 Wickenburg High School Swim Schedule revised 8-4-16
Volleyball 2017-2018 Schedule
Home Scrimmage vs Tonopah Valley 8/25/17 5pm 2017 Wickenburg High School Volleyball Schedule  
Football 2017-2018 Schedule
Home Scrimmage vs. Lee Williams 8/18/17 Full Football Schedule 2017_Wickenburg_High_School_Football_Schedule
Cross Country 2016-2017 Schedule
First Cross Country Meet 8/31/16 @ Wickenburg Country Club 5pm 2016 Wickenburg High School Cross Country Schedule  
Soccer Schedule
2015-2016 Girls Soccer Schedule
Girls Basketball Schedule
2015 – 2016 Girls Basketball Schedule
Boys Basketball Schedule
2015 – 2015 Boys Basketball Schedule
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough
Be ready for some great cookies!! If you were not able to place your order earlier, please check with Terrie Davidson 928-671-0841 or a volleyball player, [...]